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Possible Health Implications Of Bluetooth Radiation

We recently raised the issue of making sure phones are safe as people begin to return to work and school. The issue is relevant right now from a general safety and sanitation standpoint. We should all be diligent about keeping the actual surfaces of our devices as clean as possible. More generally, this need for health safety is also a good reason to reopen the question of radiation in mobile devices. It’s an issue that’s been discussed and debated for years now, but it’s good now and then to revisit the implications.
9 months ago

Don’t let your phone ruin Valentine’s Day

As we get ready for Valentine’s Day, you may want to know your phone could be the key to winning the heart of a loved one. The 2020 Mobile Mythconceptions Study found that 42% of all respondents would be embarrassed to go on a first date with someone with a cracked phone screen.
11 months ago

Techclean Multipurpose Soapy Wipes

Lots of attention is being given to the shortage of hand sanitizer because of the pandemic. Less awareness is being made about something that has not been in short supply: soap.
1 year ago

Gadget Guard Cases with alara Win Silver Stevie Award

Penumbra Brands receives national consumer electronics award for Gadget Guard case with alara technology
2 years ago

How to protect yourself from health concerns related to 5G

5G, the fifth generation of cellular mobile communications, promises faster data rates, higher capacity and massive connectivity. However, with 5G cell coverage expanding across the nation, questions continue to arise about its safety.
2 years ago

Commitment Through the Crisis

The coronavirus crisis is just one more opportunity for Gadget Guard to demonstrate its commitment to protecting customers and their phones
2 years ago

Measuring the RF Exposure of 5G

With 5G mobile speeds becoming the new normal, we take a look at the potentially outdated standards and methods for testing 5g phones for mobile RF exposure compliance.
2 years ago