Gadget Guard

Established in 2009, Gadget Guard is the primary consumer-facing brand of Penumbra Brands and offers, among its products, a comprehensive line of Black Ice™ screen protectors for mobile devices in distinct editions which provide best in class protection across the value and security spectrum. Gadget Guard products proudly boast a 4.7 Shopper Approved rating and a 4.8 Google rating.

Shopper Approved review 4.7
Google review 4.7


Guard mobile devices and the
people who use them.


Gadget Guard employs under 100 people. Our offices are in Utah and California. We boast many products proudly made in the USA. These U.S. roots allow us to be nimble, responding to newly announced devices, be innovative, and to hold to the highest quality.

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Products made to protect you

Gadget Guard protects your device with our line of durable, scientifically-formulated, protective Black Ice screen protectors. We pioneered device screen protection, guardplus™ . We work to protect YOU with our proprietary technologies that reduce the absorption of mobile phone radiation by the body.


phone screen protectors


See our full line-up of Black Ice screen protectors — from our Original Edition to our latest, unbreakable Flex Edition.

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phone cases


Our Gadget Guard cases with alara technology come in both Slim and Rugged.

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