Flex with UltraShock Screen Protectors

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Flex with UltraShock Screen Protectors

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The best screen protector just got better. Flex with UltraShock includes all of the benefits of our Flex™ screen protector but now we’ve added an extra layer of smart material that absorbs and redistributes impact to the screen. Flex with UltraShock is 10x stronger than glass, shatterproof, and infused with EPA registered antimicrobial protection.

Glass Layers


Designed to work with the majority of cases

impact protection

10x Impact Protection

curved edge

Curved Edge

case friendly

Case Friendly

impact protection

10x Impact Protection

smudge protection

Smudge Resistant


No need to grab any extra tools or supplies - we’ve got you covered with what you need for a dust-free installation.

Your install kit includes:
  • 1

    Flex screen protector with instructions

  • 2

    Install guide

  • 3

    Dust Removal Sticker

  • 4


  • 5

    MicroFiber Cloth

step 1
step 2
step 3
step 4
step 5

Flex with UltraShock comes equipped with an improved installation method that anyone can execute!

Prep your phone by taking off your case and cleaning your device with the provided tools. – alcohol wipe, microfiber dying cloth, and dust removal stickers. Place the installation tool on a flat surface with the Gadget Guard logo facing you. Lift the guard from the top and place your phone into the installation tray with the screen facing up. Using the pull tab at the top left corner of the guard, peel-off protective backing to expose the adhesive. Lower the guard and secure it onto the pin at the top of the tray. Starting at the bottom of your device, slide the squeegee upward in one swipe applying constant pressure. Peel away the top install assist layer and remove use the squeegee to remove any bubbles if necessary. That’s it! For more detailed instructions, feel free to check out the video below!


Replacements for the life of your device. Only pay for shipping and processing.

Your guard is made to absorb the shock of a fall and keep your screen safe, which means your guard may break. If your guard cracks, breaks, becomes scratched or is otherwise damaged while protecting your device, we will replace it!

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The team at Gadget Guard has worked diligently for years to earn a reputation for offering top-quality products, backed up by truly superior customer service. We personally use and love the products we manufacture and sell. Electronic devices are expensive; so if you are going to invest your hard-earned cash in a sweet device, we invite you to protect your investment with Gadget Guard. Our products demonstrate our core principle: Safe Can Still Be Sexy™




Your Guard is guaranteed for the life of your device.
To get replacements for the life of your device, you need to register your Guard within 30 days of purchase. Follow these steps to register:

To register your Gadget Guard and get a replacement, follow the steps below:

  • 1For customers not based in Europe, create an account if you haven’t already done so by clicking here. here
  • 2If you already an account, log in here
  • 3Once logged in, register your guard at the “Register a Product” link located on the top of the page and follow the instructions.
  • 4You will receive two emails. The first states that you have successfully registered your product. and the second confirms your registration has been reviewed and approved.
  • 5To order your replacement, log in to your accounthere. Choose the “Order a Replacement Guard” link located on the left. Find your product and click on the “Get a Replacement” link.
  • 6Follow the on screen prompts and checkout. There is a nominal fulfillment fee to ship you your replacement guard.
  • If you are one of our valued European-based customers please follow our European warranty process. Begin the process by clicking here
  • * Shadow On-The-Go products do not have a lifetime warranty.
You break it, we replace it
You can add GuardPlus protection to any Gadget Guard screen protector! With Guardplus, if your device screen breaks, we will pay up to $250 towards the repair. All you have to do is register online within 30 days, and you’re set for a year.
Screen Protector Types
Flex with UltraShock Best Protection
Shock absorbing smart-material. 10x stronger than glass. Antimicrobial surface.
Flexible and shatterproof. 5x stronger than glass. Antimicrobial surface.
Flex Privacy
Hybrid glass screen protector with an added privacy shield.
Curved edge tempered glass. Antimicrobial surface.
Sapphire infused tempered glass.
Premium tempered glass. Scratch protection for your screen.
Scratch protection for your screen.