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Alara technology reduces your exposure to EMF radiation and protects you from unnecessary risk.


Our patented Alara™ technology works with your phone’s internal antenna to redirect signals. Alara is proven to reduce cell phone EMF radiation by up to 80% while maintaining signal strength. You can protect yourself with our Alara phone cases or use the Alara insert with a case of your choice.

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The Alara™ antenna embedded in this case works with your phone to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation.

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Safety without sacrificing style. Slip this EMF radiation reduction insert between your phone and any phone case you like.

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What is Cellphone Radiation

Your phone communicates by transmitting and receiving radiofrequency (RF) signals – a type of electromagnetic field (EMF), commonly referred to as cellphone radiation.

“There’s no going back on tech dependence, but by creating and implementing innovative technology into our products, Gadget Guard minimizes the negative impacts of heavy usage. We’re excited to launch more products in 2022 that will expand our two-way protection and help create a healthy relationship between tech and humanity.” - Jason Ellis, CEO

How does Alara Work

Gadget Guard’s alara cases and inserts are embedded with a patented, micro-thin antenna that automatically pairs with your phone to dramatically reduce your exposure to cell phone EMF radiation. It does not shield or block RF but redirects mobile phone EMF radiation away from you while maintaining a signal.

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