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How To Install Ultra HD Original Screen Protection

  1. After washing your hands, clean your device.
  2. Wet your fingers before touching the guard and keep them wet throughout the installation. This will prevent fingertips on the guard.
  3. At a corner, begin to peel a portion of the guard from the backing.
  4. Lightly spray water or installation liquid on the adhesive side of the guard before placing it on your device. This will keep the guard from sticking too soon and allow you to position it correctly.
  1. Carefully align the guard with the contours of your device as you lay it into place.
  2. Before you remove excess water and bubbles with the included squeegee, spray the top of the guard to allow the squeegee to move easily across the guard. Press from the center outward and avoid getting moisture into openings such as the speaker or microphone. Your guard will cure within 48 hours.

How To Install Black Ice, Black Ice+, Cornice, & Shadow Glass Screen Protection

  1. After washing your hands, thoroughly and meticulously clean and dry the surface of your device. It MUST be completely free of all dirt, lint, and moisture. The enclosed adhesive tabs can be used to remove any remaining dust particles.
  2. Using the pull tab labeled "1" as a handle, peel the protective backing completely off, exposing the back of the guard.
  3. Without touching the back of the Guard, carefully align it with the contours of the device screen. Use speakers, button holes, and side edges as reference points to posively
  1. With the Guard aligned with the device, lay it flat on the device screen and press lightly down in the center of the glass. Black Ice will slowly affix itself to the device. For Guards with colored borders, apply pressure to the border to adhere Guard to device.
  2. If there are any remaining visible bubbles, use provided squeegee and stroke bubbles from the center toward the edge of the device. *Note: If your Guard has a protective top sheet proceed to step 6.

How To Install Shadow On-The-Go Display Guard

  1. When you need Privacy, remove Guard from the rigid plate.
  1. Apply Guard to your device. When not in use, replace on rigid plate.