Gadget Guard Enterprise Solutions protect your mobile device screens and your productivity. Mobile devices work hard day in and day out. Their screens take a lot of abuse from drops, stylus’, dirt/debris, and constant use. Gadget Guard provides the ultimate level of screen protection against the daily use and abuse devices endure in a commercial setting. Our broad product selection protects your device and the productivity of your staff. Reach out to Gadget Guard Enterprise and ask about protection solutions for whatever device is used by your team.

Gadget Guard’s breadth of product offering serves commercial and B2B channels better than any other screen protection manufacturer. The Gadget Guard line of products adds an extra layer of protection to your device without sacrificing the fit, form or function.

Available for These Devices and More
Sonim XP5s Commercial 10 Pack GGBITPC208SM01A
Sonim XP8 Commercial 10 Pack GGBITPC208SM02A
Surface Pro 4 Commercial 10 Pack GGSHTPC453MS01A
9" Uni iPad Air 1/2 Pro 9.7 Commercial 10 Pack GGSHTPC313AP01A
Apple iPad Pro 9.7"/ Air 2 / Air Commercial 10 Pack GGBITPC340AP01A
Apple iPad Pro 10.5" Commercial 10 Pack GGBITPC340AP02A
Apple iPad Pro 12.9" Commercial 10 Pack GGBITPC420AP01A
iPhone 6/6S/7 Commercial 10 Pack GGBITPC208AP01A
Microsoft Surface Pro 4/ Pro Commercial 10 Pack GGBITPC420MS01A
Samsung Tab E 8.0 Commercial 10 Pack GGBITPC275SS01A
Apple iPad 9.7"/Air 2 / Air Smart Pack GG0ETSC200AP01A
Black Ice Glass Edition

Today’s work is mobile. A broken screen means you are without your device and less productive. Make sure you protect your mobile devices with Gadget Guard’s Black Ice Glass Edition tempered glass screen protection. The Black Ice Glass Edition is designed to take the impact of everyday calamities and protect the screen of your device, keeping you on the job.

Black Ice Glass Edition features:

  • 0.33 mm Tempered Glass Protection
  • Fingerprint and Smudge Resistance
  • Optical Grade Clarity
  • 9H Hardness Rating

Shadow On-the-go-Edition

Your business should be your business and no one else’s. Protect the information on your device from visual hacking with a Shadow On-The-Go Edition removable and reusable privacy screen. The Shadow On-The-Go Edition allows you to place a privacy screen over your device when you are in a public area or a location where you don’t want others to see your information. Now you can use your laptop on a plane without the person in the seat beside you seeing everything you are doing.

When you don’t need privacy, peel the protector off your device and place it on the included storage card for use the next time you need it. The Shadow On-The-Go Edition can be used on top of a tempered glass screen protector.

Shadow On-The-Go Edition features:

  • Two-way Privacy Protection
  • Full Touch Sensitivity
  • Anti-glare Surface
  • Long Lasting Adhesive, Easily Cleaned for 1,000+ Uses
  • Plastic Storage Card

Original Edition

You are a professional so you want your business’ devices to look professional. The Gadget Guard Original Edition is completely clear, will not peel or discolor and can be removed without leaving a trace. The self-healing, patented film has optical grade clarity, developed for use by the U.S. Military. The Original Edition protects the screen of your device from the scratches of everyday use. This level of protection and quality cannot be matched by cheap imitators.

Original Edition Features:

  • Optical Grade Clarity
  • Wet Application Allows for Bubble Free Installation
  • Self-healing Technology Keeps Screens Looking New
  • Will Not Discolor or Peel
  • Can Be Removed Without Leaving Sticky Residue

Your day is already difficult. Don’t let screen glare from your device make things more frustrating. The Gadget Guard Black Ice Anti-Reflective Edition tempered glass screen protector reduces screen glare by up to 80% making it easier to find and access your important information. Whether you are a public safety officer or a professional on a tight schedule, seconds count. Gadget Guard’s Anti-reflective screen protectors have the same exceptional quality as the popular Black Ice Glass Edition to make sure your device stays safe while making your life a little less frustrating.


  • Reduce glare by up to 80%
  • Optical grade viewing
  • Oleophobic coating resists fingerprints
  • Maintains original touch sensitivity of device

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