Apple iPad mini 2 / 3 / 4 Reusable Privacy Display Guard

Shadow On-The-Go Edition


Apple iPad mini 2 / 3 / 4 Reusable Privacy Display Guard

Shadow On-The-Go Edition

Your business is your business. No one else, including ‘that guy’ who has been jockeying for position on the armrest since takeoff, needs to know what you’ve got going on in your digital world. Our Shadow On-The-Go screen guards are polarized to keep your screen in cloak mode. Put your guard on when you need to set boundaries, take it off when you don’t.
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Custom designed and manufactured for your Apple iPhone 6s/7/8 Plus, Shadow On-the-go has revolutionized the way we think about privacy protection. This removable and reusable privacy display guard features washable adhesive and includes a plastic plate for storage. Now you are in control of who can see your screen and when.

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Shadow On-the-go offers two-way privacy protection from prying eyes. This keeps your information secure while allowing you to navigate your screen unhindered. Perfect for the traveling businessman, the busy mom, college students, and more, Shadow On-the-go is travel-friendly so you can always have privacy protection at your fingertips.


Shadow On-the-go is scratch resistant to ensure longevity as it travels with you in your purse, bag, or suitcase. It also provides a barrier between keys, pens, and other items that may harm your device’s screen.

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Installation is quick and easy. Just peel Shadow On-the-go off of the protective storage plate, align it with your screen, press on the edges and you’ll officially be in cloak-mode.

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When you’ve finished using your Shadow On-the-go, simply peel it off of your screen and return it to its protective storage plate. Over time dust will collect on the adhesive of your privacy display guard, but it’s no worry. All you need to do is grab some tape and dab it along the adhesive edges, and it will be as good as new.


Want to learn more? Check out this video about how Shadow On-the-go can work for you.

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