Over the past few days and weeks, we’ve been relying on our mobile devices more and more like a lifeline for communication.

In order to help you maintain your lifeline, we are reaching out with answers to some recent frequently asked questions.

QUESTION: How do I keep my phone clean, especially against viruses?

ANSWER: We recommend gently using a Clorox wipe to kill any viruses that may be on your phone. Please note: if a product doesn’t specifically state that it kills viruses, it doesn’t (bacteria and viruses are not the same things).

To further care for your phone screen, we recommend you then apply TechTonic cleaner to complete the cleaning and refresh factory-installed oleophobic (oil and smudge repellent) coating. Note that cleaning products containing antibacterial or antiviral agents will degrade the factory-installed protective coatings of device screens and screen protectors, but TechTonic’s polymer-based formula restores the coating.

QUESTION: How can I further protect my phone given that new phone launches (like the iPhone SE2) are being delayed and there could be mobile phone replacement part shortages?

ANSWER: To take extra care of your devices during a time when new phones and replacement parts are expected to become more scarce, remember to refresh your Liquid Edition screen protection and consider adding a premium screen protector and case.

At Gadget Guard, protecting you and your customers, their devices, and your wallets is what we do.