Gadget Guard Grips

Gadget Guard Grip is a non-slip, phone grip made with a patented non-abrasive, slip-proof technology.
"No adhesive product is good for leather and suede. Fake leather is okay."

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This universal, non-slip phone grip is made with a patented, non-abrasive, slip-proof technology. With our Gadget Guard Grip, your phone won’t slip easily out of your hand or off a slick surface again. It can be used on the back of a case or your phone and won’t interfere with wireless chargers or magnetic mounts. Plus, it’s recyclable and made in the USA.

Non-abrasive, meaning it won’t ruin your phone or leave behind any gummy, sticky goo or residue. It won't scratch your furniture, floor, car dashboard or the paint on your car.

Waterproof, so if your phone meets the surf, a cold one spills on it or you get caught in a freak rainstorm, your phone grip will stay put.

Made with HDPE plastic, a soft & lightweight, flexible, super-strong, impact-resistant, high-density polyethylene plastic grip that’s superior to rubber & latex.

Eco-friendly; unlike most other plastics & adhesive materials, HDPE is recyclable & doesn’t end up in landfills.

Allergy-and-irritant-free; another advantage of HDPE is your phone grip won't irritate your skin or your hands when you touch it; and unlike latex (which you’ll find in every rubber grip), it is 100% allergy-free.

Made by the #1 manufacturer of non-slip products. Simply put, this product is proven to perform.

No adhesive product is good for leather and suede. Fake leather is okay.
You break it, we replace it
You can add GuardPlus Promise protection to any Gadget Guard screen protector! With Guardplus Promise, if your device screen breaks, we will pay up to $250 towards the repair. All you have to do is register online within 30 days, and you’re set for a year.
Screen Protector Types
Flex with UltraShock Best Protection
Shock absorbing smart-material. 10x stronger than glass. Antimicrobial surface.
Flexible and shatterproof. 5x stronger than glass. Antimicrobial surface.
Flex Privacy
Hybrid glass screen protector with an added privacy shield.
Curved edge tempered glass. Antimicrobial surface.
Sapphire infused tempered glass.
Premium tempered glass. Scratch protection for your screen.
Scratch protection for your screen.