Gadget Guard, the original

Gadget Guards are totally clear, don’t peel or discolor, and can be removed without leaving a trace. They fit flawlessly and are proven to keep devices scratch-free. Our patented film was created by the U.S. Military and stands up to abuse generally reserved for combat equipment. This level of protection and quality cannot be matched by cheap imitators.

here's why you should want one

Available for Hundreds of Devices

Gadget Guard designs are available for most phones on all major carriers. New products are added weekly as manufacturers release new phones, portable music players, gaming systems, and other devices. Pricing varies based on full body versus screen only coverage.

Made in the USA

To ensure a precision fit, every new guard is meticulously measured and cut to exact specifications. Invisible Gadget Guards are designed and manufactured in Salt Lake City, Utah. Local production gives us total control over each step of the process and assures the highest quality product.

100% lifetime guarantee

Your Gadget Guard is guaranteed to last for the life of your device. If the product ever peels, tears, yellows, or otherwise fails to live up to our high standards, we will replace it at no additional product cost.

what is it made of?

The film used to create invisible gadget guards was first developed by the US Military, which means it is generally awesome. It’s a polyurethane, optically clear material that doesn’t yellow over time and is flexible enough to adhere to a variety of objects. The best part is, the adhesive is actually part of the film so when you peel it off your device there’s absolutely nothing left behind. You just get to erase months of nicks and scratches!

pretty dang tough

This is the same stuff used to protect helicopter blades and electronic equipment in combat zones. So yeah, it’s really durable.

so thin!

It’s like it’s not there at all. We design our guards to cover the maximum amount of surface area and then precision cut them to ensure a perfect fit. Once it’s been installed you’ll probably forget it’s even there.

clean your phone just like normal

Just because your phone is protected with a gadget guard doesn’t mean you have to let make-up marks and icky fingerprints linger on your screen. You can clean your phone just like you normally would and not worry about your guard peeling or getting messed up.

Why Gadget Guard?

The team at Gadget Guard has worked diligently for years to earn a reputation for offering top-quality products, backed up by truly superior customer service

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